Data Science Courses for Research Groups

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We offer a range of data science courses for research groups. With over 15 years of academic instruction experience, our RStudio certified trainer is extremly well equipped to upskill research students and faculty. While many of our courses focus on the R programming language and the tidyverse, we also offer more general courses that utilise alternative data visualisation tools, such as Tableau Public, or introductory courses into specific fields, such as digital humanities and natural language processing. While we can tailor courses to your needs, we also offer the following preconceived courses.

    • Research Data Management (6h over 1 day)
    • Basic Data Visualisation with Tableau Public and RStudio (6h over 1 day)
    • Introduction to Digital Humanities (30h over 5 days)
    • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (30h over 5 days)
    • Data Science with R: Introduction (12h over 2 days)
    • Data Science with R: Intermediate (12h over 2 days)
    • Data Science with R: Advanced (12h over 2 days)
    • Using RMarkdown and RShiny to Publish Data-Driven Research (6 h over 1 day)
    • Statistical Analysis with R (6 h over 1 day)

If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch at [email protected] or use our contact form below. If you are a research student and are looking for some help with your code, please check out our offer for individuals.